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Hauling Containers

01. Hauling Containers

Hauling Containers

The flow of goods across the seas is increasing everyday allowing many organizations to expand their sales around the world. Trans BC Freightways is proud to offer a wide range of services in connection with this type of work. Our crew has become highly experienced and skilled at dealing with hauling, loading, and unloading oversea shipping containers. Our terminals are ideally located in both New Westminster and Delta, allowing us easy access to both of these major shipping ports. These terminals house a variety of equipment that is always available at a moments notice. From container chassis and dry van trailers, to forklifts and a whole host of other moving equipment, we are sure to have everything in place to meet any of your specific needs.

A major concern with container hauling is the time restrictions imposed by the port authority. Part of our successes in hauling oversea containers is that all most all of our drivers have port passes. This allows our equipment to easily move in and out of these facilities. As a regular customer of these locations our management and crew have developed strong relationships with the port. Combining our crew’s experience and plethora of equipment nearby, we can ensure you have the greatest amount of time possible to either load or unload your cargo shipping container. If an issue does arise with the port, we are able to effortlessly problem solve situations on the good or address legality that come with moving goods across the border.

Trans BC Freightways has a wide network of terminals and agents throughout British Columbia that are able to efficiently direct the shipping containers to their final destination. Throughout the years of working in a general freight, truckload services, even household furniture moving, the company has developed working relationships with carriers and interliners, allowing Trans BC Freightways to be able to move freight anywhere in North America. These relationships between interliners and the port authority ensure that we can offer the best possible expedited service available.

Some customers require stuffing and destuffing services, and our facilities are fully equipped to meet this need too. We are able to stuff (load) and destuff (unload) containers untilizing a variety of equipment on site. Any container contents can be unloaded and put into our trailers or onto our open decks for transport throughout the province and North America.

MAX Weight
20' dry container 40,000 lbs. (18.14MT) 46,000 lbs. (20.87MT) 42,000
40' dry container 44,500 lbs. (20.19MT) 55,000 lbs. (24.95MT) 52,000

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- by Brian

"Your staff has been a tremendous asset to our company as you continue to provide us with excellent service and care for both your customer and for us as a carrier. There is really nothing that has ever been a hassle for us with Trans BC Freightway."

- by Debbie

"We have been working with Trans BC Freightway since 2003 and have been very satisfied all along the way because all the staff is very friendly, professional and easy to get along with. They understand our needs and go above and beyond to ensure we’re taken care of and that the job always gets done the right way."

- by Jordan